SIESTA documentation

SIESTA manuals

The manual is the reference guide for SIESTA. It contains a description of all the options that control the behavior of the program, and is included in all SIESTA release tarballs. The manual for the current stable version of SIESTA (SIESTA 5.0) is siesta-5.0.0.pdf.

SIESTA documentation pages

SIESTA has a dedicated read-the-docs documentation site, with tutorials and how-tos. The main documentation page for SIESTA 5.0 (the only currently supported version of SIESTA) is https://docs.siesta-project.org/projects/siesta/.

SIESTA uses pseudopotentials, for more information please read the Pseudopotentials page.

Documentation for other libraries and applications of the SIESTA Project can be found at docs.siesta-project.org.

SIESTA Schools

The SIESTA developers regularly run schools and tutorials. The contents of the SIESTA School 2023 are compatible with SIESTA 5.

A list of schools and tutorials can be found at the Events section. Older tutorials may be found at the Older Tutorials page.

Other resources