Building with makefile-based approach

The traditional makefile-based approach has been streamlined and made more user-friendly. In a nutshell:

  mkdir _build
  cd _build
  sh ../Config/           # *** Note changed directory

  (Now create arch.make in _build --- see Config/mk-build/README)

  make               (This will build the Siesta executable)
                     (It is best to do this first)
  make utils         (See below for more options)
  make install       ( " )

In both cases, several external libraries must be installed before Siesta can be compiled. This installation can be made on-the-fly, using CMake, pkg-config, and git submodules:

The above steps involve a hybrid “makefile-CMake” approach.

We recommend using the new all-CMake framework. See Installing Siesta with CMake.